Since FINMA began enforcing new regulations in the funds sector, many asset managers have struggled to come to terms with these increasingly rigorous requirements – being regulated and staying regulated is both time-consuming and costly.

swiss hedge capital ag has been regulated by FINMA since 2011 as an asset manager of collective investment schemes and its professional business platform meets all of the conditions laid down by the regulators.

We are looking for fund managers who wish to join our House of Funds to make the best possible use of our platform.

We want to seek out and support fund managers who would like to be entrepreneurs within a company and who are capable of marketing their products while pursuing a successful investment strategy. 


Investment Managers should have:
-   a successful track record
-   an entrepreneurial spirit to manage and market a fund based on their profitable strategy
-   a network of potential investors to start with
-   a solid experience within the financial industry
swiss hedge capital ag offers:
-   professional and sustainable working environment within our company
-   entrepreneurial freedom
-   institutional-quality infrastructure
-   entire fund set up in any jurisdiction
-   excellent operations team
-   risk controlling and management
-   legal and compliance
-   investor relations and marketing
If you would like to be part of a forward-looking asset management firm, please get in touch with us.
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